Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Warrior

Today i watched a music video that talked about warriors. How they are so strong and skilled. During this music video the warriors were all men with big weapons and a very strong physically. Then I thought about a warrior, a warriors that has a weapons, but it isn't seen, he has strength, but not through brute strength. The warrior i am thinking of is a servant of God. This warrior is provided with the weapon to strike peoples souls with his words, His strength is from the spirit, gospel, and faith. You hear how soldier take pride in serving their country...Take pride in being a soldier of Christ. Warriors arent always those with swords and sheild...be a warrior in you own way, defend your rightous cause and hold your ground. Be the one warrior that battles the majority and WINS! Be a warrior prove you are strong not physically, but spiritually! You have been drafterd, FIGHT your battles day by day for something better than your country. Your salvation!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This ones for Becky - May 2, 2011

As I sit here typing on my very old and unreasonabley loud keyboard for a Spanish Project due tomarrow I thought how I love to type and I loved this blog for a very long time and still do, but havent gotten on in a while. I would say i blame my aunt Becky, but she has reminded me so I guess I have to take the blame for this one. So Becky I know your going to read this because you will have read the text that I will have sent you as soon as i finish this. So this is for my aunt Becky and all the women name Becky out there.....stay cool. Now those of you who dont know my aunt Becky look a picture of Meg Ryan in her glory days, and has a humorous mixture between Bill Cosby and The Wiggles, and for those who dont know The Wiggles go to your nearest computer and look up "Beep Beep Big Red Car!" by far their best I have seen them in concert and they opened and closed with that song it was AWSOME! Becky is really cool and if you disagree I will fight you. Also while I am still on Becky, your husband owes me one of those cookies. He decided to hide them and my mom and dad never got to try them, so they locked me in my room for 3 weeks without food, water, or toilet. I am quoteing "Meet the Parents" . Any who...I am glad I took the time to type this and I plan on following up more often now that Summer is comming up, and speaking of which I will be going to my aunt Beck's for a while to go to EFY (a chruch thing) with her son Shane. Which at this point in the school year is probably studing his head off for exams or something....which is what i should be doing so I shouldnt be saying anything...You raised a good kid Becky. Finally you did something right. Also a joke. Anyway THIS ONES FOR YOU BECKY!

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am going to do something a little different today, instead of doing something funny or trying to be witty I want to express the gratitude for mothers. i know alot of my posts say something about my mom being mean to me, but being out of town for 2 weeks has made me miss my mom. i want to tell all my readers today to take the time and tell your mom what a special person she is, and how much she means to you. In my life my mom had a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh and she always gives great advice when i am sad or ready to punch some one in the noggin. My mom is and always will be the greatest blessing in my life. I have never thought of a moment where she has wronged me in anyway. I cant really find the words to describe my mom, but if did i couldn't fit it in a life time. I think in a book of the greatest people you would turn the page and there is my mom. I dont want to get to emotional, but i want to tell everyone moms are life's true super heroes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Away from home

This past week i have been able to stay at my cousins house and its been great. Loads of fun, and i get to tease my them both Cassie and Shane. Shane is especially fun to mess with because he gets pretty angry and tries to hit me, but me and him are really close and don't really get into fights, but if we do we usually make up. Anyway as I was here my brother called me and told that he and his wife were having a baby, and i was telling them that's great and all, but what i was truly thinking was.....I leave for a week and you two are already having a baby JEEZ have a little self control, whatever happened to the rule to keeping you hands to yourself. I still think girls are a disease on life, but one thing they are good at is cooking in the kitchen (Joking). Also I heard a funny joke from my friend Jake a while ago and it goes like this: "What is women spelled backwards ?"........."Kitchen" ha ha only joking. I leave this post with a word of advice with one that has diabetes, girls are like a broken pancreas.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I come out now ?

My mom always said I was really stupid, maybe I am just Handicap, so I thought I might try and see what it felt like to be handicap for a short while......

Am I getting smaller ,or is my food getting bigger ?

2 pounds of beef, 4 slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles, and a freshly baked bun, and a side of french fries. I can tell you if i put this burger up to my face you couldn't even see my face, and if you ask my mom how big this burger is she would tell you its bigger than my sons brain.( which would be me) Although its big you get your money's worth for just $7.99 and you will get left overs too.

"Wang" the resturant

I take one look at the name of this restaurant and I definitely know something is wrong with the name. I would never eat at a place named Wang I wouldn't know what to expect to get on my plate. For everyone's safety don't eat at a Wang restaurant....

Definition of the Day

Definition of the Day
MIFA- means " Mom Is Freaking Angry" in other words...or atleast for my mom go get a diet coke and a bag of almound joy pices so she can not MIFA towards me.

I yeild for no machine

I yeild for no machine
I am too prideful to yeild. If i wanna cross the street by darn i am gonna do it and if i get a couple broken bones tring thats the cost. waiting is for losers !