Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Wang" the resturant

I take one look at the name of this restaurant and I definitely know something is wrong with the name. I would never eat at a place named Wang I wouldn't know what to expect to get on my plate. For everyone's safety don't eat at a Wang restaurant....


Rebecca Jo said...

I would rather go to Kookie Kanuk anyway...keep away from my ice cream!

TJGaryit said...

well to tell you the truth my birth animal thing is a pig, so its just in my nature


Definition of the Day

Definition of the Day
MIFA- means " Mom Is Freaking Angry" in other words...or atleast for my mom go get a diet coke and a bag of almound joy pices so she can not MIFA towards me.

I yeild for no machine

I yeild for no machine
I am too prideful to yeild. If i wanna cross the street by darn i am gonna do it and if i get a couple broken bones tring thats the cost. waiting is for losers !