Friday, June 25, 2010


I am going to do something a little different today, instead of doing something funny or trying to be witty I want to express the gratitude for mothers. i know alot of my posts say something about my mom being mean to me, but being out of town for 2 weeks has made me miss my mom. i want to tell all my readers today to take the time and tell your mom what a special person she is, and how much she means to you. In my life my mom had a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh and she always gives great advice when i am sad or ready to punch some one in the noggin. My mom is and always will be the greatest blessing in my life. I have never thought of a moment where she has wronged me in anyway. I cant really find the words to describe my mom, but if did i couldn't fit it in a life time. I think in a book of the greatest people you would turn the page and there is my mom. I dont want to get to emotional, but i want to tell everyone moms are life's true super heroes.


Joni said...

Tanner we are going shopping when you get home and you can get whatever you want
!!! ha ha. I love my Tanner. :)

*Rach* said...

Your mom is totallly great Tan! Mine is freaking awesome too! I'm pretty sure its probably cuz they're sisters-creating the best mom and aunt combo available! Love you TJ!

Rebecca Jo said...

I agree that your mom is a wonderful and sweet and good mom... BUT what I really want to know is who is the photographer that took this sweet picture of yo mama? She is such a pretty lady!!!

Definition of the Day

Definition of the Day
MIFA- means " Mom Is Freaking Angry" in other words...or atleast for my mom go get a diet coke and a bag of almound joy pices so she can not MIFA towards me.

I yeild for no machine

I yeild for no machine
I am too prideful to yeild. If i wanna cross the street by darn i am gonna do it and if i get a couple broken bones tring thats the cost. waiting is for losers !